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Between 23 August and 12 September 2017, the Czech Republic is hosting the international exercise Ample Strike 2017.  Just today, we have started our live exercise in six operational areas.

Together 18 countries (the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Croatia, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United States of America, Great Britain) are taking part. The objective of this exercise is to synchronize the training of the forward air controllers with the air crews and ground troop commanders. The pilots are practicing the procedures of direct air support, overpowering enemy anti-aircraft defense, and air re-fueling. This is the fourth year for the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic to follow up the Ramstein Rover and Flying Rhino exercise run having been organized on a NATO level since 2002.

This year we have up to 1,300 exercisers participating, of whom about three hundred are foreign military.

“An effective cooperation between air and ground forces is only response to the current worldwide threats. We are a full member of NATO and this is one of our contributions to the organization itself. The exercise Ample Strike is beneficial not just for JTAC´s but also for the pilots training. I´m so happy that there is such a big interest to participate in our exercise and I´m sure that the name of Ample Strike is well-known among the partners countries,” says deputy Air Force Chief brigadier general Petr Hromek.

For the second time since a fully professional military was built in the Czech Republic, the Active Reserve troops, and for the very first time also the Air Force Reserve troops take part in the exercise. We have 96 reservists who started their tasks what is security of the Náměšť Air Base as the country´s defense importance installation on Sunday evening. From Monday morning they are simultaneously carrying out the tasks of the scenarios prepared side by side with military professionals. They belong to the infantry companies of the Regional Military Commands in Jihlava as well as of units of the Czech Air Force in Čáslav, Náměšť and Pardubice.

The exercise takes place in the military training areas of Boletice and Libavá, at the 22nd Helicopter Air Force Base Sedlec, Vícenice u Náměště nad Oslavou, the 21st Tactical Air Force Base Čáslav, at the Airport Pardubice, and the 15th Engineer Regiment in Bechyně.


Air support to troops is provided by 14 Czech planes (L-159 ALCA, JAS-39 Gripen, L-39, Mi-24/35 and Mi-171Š. There are also Lithuanian L-39, German PC-9, LearJet and Tornado, Polish Su-22, Hungarian JAS-39, Slovenian PC-9 aircraft. The United States take part with AH-64 Apache, as well as the B-1 and B-52. Air re-fueling from two U.S. KC-135R tankers is carried out with German Tornados, US Bombers and Czech Gripens.

The complete logistics is arranged by almost all the components of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. Exactly the ability of the host country to provide support to foreign troops is another objective of the exercise.

Media information:

Wednesday 6 September 2017, 22AFB Náměšťnad Oslavou presentation day of Ample Strike 2017 PHOTO OPPORTUNITY with interviews possible.

More info on the exercise including equipment, air territories and Media Day will continuously be updated on Facebook and the web site www.lznamest.army.cz.

Accreditation is required, please submit your applications not later than by 4 September 2017 1200hrs to: amse.jmic@army.cz. The accreditation form is available at www.lznamest.army.cz.

Point of Contact: MAJ Denisa Vernerová, Head of Press and Information Center Ample Strike 2017, phone: 724 961 458, e-mail: amse.jmic@army.cz

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